Day 2 in Nara! Todaiji Temple and Wandering!


August 1.

I was in Deer Park, watching this Japanese man with his deer biscuits, thinking, This is why I don’t feed wild animals. Even if they were cute, harmless looking deer haha.

Moments later, I had to laugh. He had panicked and started running away, deer in pursuit.

I caught him in mid-air hahaha.

I continued on to my destination, Todaiji Temple. There were deer everywhere.

Todaiji Temple was founded by Emperor Shomu to enshrine the Great Image of Buddha (Vairocana Buddha) as the General Head-temple of all provincial temples in Japan. … It is the largest wooden building in the world… – Nara Special Photo Guide

The windows are open only twice a year to reveal the Buddha’s face. The first is New Year’s and I forget the second day.

My friend Mike had written about his visit to Nara:

I would be returning for the light festival in Nara. :) Love this photo!

There were different models of the former Todaiji Temples.

It had been burnt down twice already.

Time for lunch!

Did I want noodles or rice?

The lunch set has both! Muwhaha.

Back out in Deer Park.

I tried looking for Kokofuji Temple, which someone had recommended but it was under renovations.

Interesting. :P

Shopping “arcade.” Basically covered pedestrian shopping area. It’s not so common in big cities anymore.

Another advertisement for the light festival.

Street scene.

This was on one of those banner ads.

While waiting on a corner by a bus stop for pedestrian crossing, I saw this really old-looking map. Dream Land Amusement Park jumped out at me because Mike, my park bench buddy, had told me about this idea of “urban exploration.” Had he known an abandoned amusement park was available for trespassing, he would have gone. He had recommended I hop fences on his behalf to check out Dream Land. It was “really spooky,” he said, as if that was encouragement haha.

This concluded my tour of Nara for now! I was planning on returning the following week for the Tokae light festival woohoo! :)


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